4 Pro tips for amazing website design

Website Design News   •   February 1, 2018

Perhaps you are interested in having a new website designed in Vanuatu. Or maybe you are looking at redesigning your old website. What areas should you consider when having a design created for you? Please examine our 4 pro tips for an amazing design:

Simple is better

Usability is the one the most important factors when creating a website. Of course you want your website to be engaging but you also need to make sure that its easy to use. So that visitors can effortlessly find what they are looking for.

Web users these days don’t read, but rather they scan pages. Hence its important to quickly get to the point with your content. Often times less can be more.

Think about: What your website goals are? What do you want your visitors to see and do? Whether that involves contacting you, buying a product or signing up to a newsletter.

Use quality images

The emphasis here definitely is on the word quality. When looking through a webpage naturally your eye will be drawn to its images. However too many websites today use bad images or simply plonk boring old images on a page without having a reason why.

Make sure you use quality images with the purpose to highlight your key selling points. Therefore these should be strategically placed with a specific purpose in mind. Whether that be to influence viewers to read, call, or click for further information.

Think about: What are the key selling points that relate to your content? Where can you strategically place your quality images?

Don’t overdo the colours

Pick these wisely! Often times using too many colours can make a website look messy and unprofessional. Rather its better to firstly choose a primary colour for the foundation of the website. Then pick a few other colours that contrast nicely.

Take for example the Pacific Digital website. We only use a handful of colours within our design. This provides elegant contrasts to highlight the main points of the website.

Think about: Which colours complement your logo? How do these represent your brand?

Socially Connect

Creating ongoing relationships with customers is vital for business. So make sure they know that they can connect with you over social media. Ask them to follow you on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter etc. Maybe even give them an incentive to do so.

Making these connects helps to establish a loyal audience of potential customers as time goes by.

Think about: Have I setup social media profiles for my business? Is it easy for viewers to follow me on my website?

Pacific Digital: Vanuatu’s Website Design Experts

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