Marketing on Facebook: 3 Important Tool

Social Media Marketing News   •   January 15, 2018

No matter which country you live in Facebook is a common name in any household. And there’s no surprise. Approximately 1.23 billion people worldwide use its social media platform! Whether its to keep in touch with friends, surfing the social web or to check out the latest trends Facebook has become an important part of our lives.

The good news for businesses?

That’s good news for businesses! How do you say? Well you can use this popular platform for marketing to potential customers. Facebook even allows you to target your audience by means of age, location, demographic and even their interests.

How can you use it…. successfully?

Lets consider the marketing tools Facebook provides:


You probably know already what a Facebook business page is and have set one up. If not don’t worry, its not that difficult. It’s similar to a person’s social profile. Users can ‘Like’ your page ,’Follow’ your business, or ‘Share’ comments on your business profile which their friends will also see.

So you see, getting started on Facebook is not difficult…. But how can you use it to better market your business? Well this takes a little bit more forethought and effort.

Think about this question. What would make a person want to follow your business social page?… What do they get out of it? You need to provide an incentive for them to follow you.

This might involve listing the latest offers, providing discounts or sourcing important information. No matter what your business is you need to give them that incentive!

However initially getting off the ground can be a difficult step. Luckily Facebook has provided further tools to assist in promoting businesses.


As the name above suggests Facebook lets businesses create and list ads on their platform. These ads can be specifically targeted to the audience that you want depending on such factors as location, gender, age and interests.

You can even boost one of your own specific Facebook posts as an advert. This might be to promote a new product or a current sale event to Facebook users.

This is a great way of marketing a business! You can target who you want, when you want and with what you want to sell.

Facebook also provides another excellent tool that assists in conversing with your followers.


Over 1 billion of the population worldwide use Messenger. With Messenger businesses can improve their direct line of communication with existing and potential customers. The channel is flexible and can be customised to engage, offer support or encourage purchasing.

Once you connect with a customer through messenger you can systematically send targeted sponsored messages to them. An excellent strategy to continually engage customers.

Where can I start?…. We would love to help!

In this article we’ve considered some of the powerful marketing tools Facebook has to offer. If your ready to get started we suggest getting in contact with us!

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