What is a website?
How do websites work?

Website Design News   •   February 12, 2018

The internet has become a common part of our lives. We are constantly using the web everyday. For such things as news and events, social media, entertainment, education and lots more. Most likely you already understand the concept of a website, however perhaps you don’t know how they actually work. In this article we will discuss this topic. So what is a website?

What is a website?

A website is a group of programmed files. Within these files you will find such information as text, colours, formatting, links and possibly even references to images and videos. Often times a web developer will use an number of different programming languages to create these files. They all interact with each to form the website that you see on your electronic device.

Maybe you have already heard of some of these programming languages such as HTML, Javascript, CSS and PHP to name a few. Each of these languages provides different functionality to the website.

What is a web server?

So now you have a basic understanding of what is a website. But where do we store them online? This is the role of the web server or hosting server. Hosting servers are basically large computers connected to high speed internet connections. This is where all websites are stored. When you go online your web browser will request a website from its hosting server, then the server will reply with the required website files. But how do you access your website?

You need a Domain name

Every website needs a domain name. This is to help everyday people access your website. What is a domain name? It is the text you enter into your browser URL. For example our domain name is: https://www.pacificdigital.vu/

Before you can use a domain name, you need to register it. This is then pointed to your website hosting server. So that when people look up your domain they are re-directed to your web server with your website files. Hey presto! You have a functioning website.

Do I need a website?

This is a very good question to ask. Do you own a business? Offer products or services to customers? Use social media for connecting with your clients? If you answer yes to any or all of these questions then most likely you need a website. It is actually a very affordable form of advertising.

If you would like to find out more information, please feel free to contact Pacific Digital. We are happy to provide advice on the latest digital media trends and online marketing techniques. We also offer a free online performance check for businesses interested in improving their online presence.