Why should you go online?

Website Design News   •   January 1, 2018

The struggle is real! In today’s competitive market it can be tough for a business to survive.

If you own or manage a business you understand how important it is to stay ahead of your competitors. How can do this? You need to regularly evaluate and identify new opportunities which can excel your sales and marketing potential.

Over the last few decades online media has grown to become one of the largest advertising domains for businesses. And Vanuatu is now catching up!

Check out the stats!

As availability has grown and costs decrease, we see a steady incline of the number of people who use the internet. Consider the comparison:

If we were to go back in time to the year 2000, only 2% of the population in Vanuatu used the internet. Today the number has significantly grown and fast! In 2014 there was approximately 48,670 internet users in the country. However in only 2 years this number almost doubled! Last year in 2016 internet users in Vanuatu reached 82,764, which is a percentage of over 30%.

This number would also include a large percentage of government agencies, businesses and expats. Therefore when you calculate the potential market reach that online media can provide these numbers are quite convincing.

But where can we expect these figure to go in the future?

Predictions for the future of the web in Vanuatu?

Over the last 17 years we have seen a steady incline of internet users in Vanuatu. Therefore we can safely predict that the numbers will continue to rise. So if you haven’t made the plunge and entered the online market. Then what are you waiting for! Now is the time to start.

Today having your own website is vital for every business. Consider the advantages:

  • It is an inexpensive form of advertising
  • More professional then listing on other websites
  • Contains easy to find contact information
  • You can advertise your products and specials
  • Use email newsletters to regularly communicate with customers
  • Link with social media accounts to attract more followers
  • And many more benefits

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